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ComputersPhysics and Astronomy
Computing Hardware: A Personal History General Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry, 3rd Edition
Elementary Computer Mathematics Introduction to Physical Astronomy
Famous Birthdays in Computer Science Ken's Java Toybox
Notes for Linux System Administration Notes for Calculus-based Physics

Travels and EssaysMathematics and Physics
A Bird in the Lens... Computations in Riemann Geometry
Europe '08: A Musical Pilgrimage Dynamics of Hyperbolic Manifolds
Ken and Mary's Excellent New York Adventure Geometrization at the Planck Scale
Off-Road and Open-Mouthed Notes on Topology and Geometry
Postcards from my Education On the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Roadside Art of the Northern Plains The Compact Lie Group Cheat Sheet
Roadside Icons of Route 66

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