Get on the Two-lane and head for Americana!

There's a wealth of roadside art and unusual architecture along the highways of America, but you usually have to get off the interstates to find it. A little planning and some patience can turn any road trip into a unique cultural experience.

The map below locates sites that I have visited (red dots), sites that I plan to visit on future trips (blue dots), and sadly, sites that I went looking for and are no longer there (black dots). Most roadside art is created by folk artists on their own property, and when they move or pass on, the new owners often destroy these creations in the name of neighborhood beautification. So when you do see one of these sites still standing, remember its transitory nature, and if the opportunity presents itself, support these uniquely creative artists.

Put your mouse on each dot to see what and where it is; if the location is "near" an interstate exit, that generally means it's on a frontage road. "CR" means county road, and "MM" is short for mile marker. Many of these works are on private property, so please view them from the sidewalk or street unless invited in by the artist.

You can click on the red dots for pictures. Hopefully more blue dots will become red in the near future!


Want more?

A lot of the sites on the map above have been visited by the guys at Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations, and they have also visited many more. I highly recommend their web site and their show!

And if that's not enough, take a look at Roadside America, where you'll find a whole lot more "world's largest", as well as Muffler Men, Uniroyal Gals, Paul Bunyans and much more!

Another great site is, which not only has good stuff on American road trips, but road trips all over the world.

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