Practice Using Units

The applet below creates problems for you to practice constructing equations based on the fact that the units must agree on both sides of the equal sign. Your goal is to find a correct equation for the given variable. You must of course be familiar with the units of the variables displayed below. Click on a variable, then click on the "Numerator" button to put one factor of it in the numerator (and similarly for the denominator). The collective units will be displayed. Click on the "Check Answer" button to find out if you formed the equation correctly. You may start over on that problem by clicking on the "Start Over" button, or choose to practice with either the next variable in sequence ("Next Problem" button) or a random variable ("Random Problem" button).

Beware of the "channels" variable: it really only applies to audio sampling. Also, the "resolution" variable only applies to still images or monitors, not to motion video.

There is often more than one correct answer, especially for data length and throughput; see if you can find them all!

You need a Java-capable browser such as Netscape 2 for Windows or Netscape 3 for Macintosh to be able to work with the units problems.

Do you need some reminders about

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