Table of Contents

At the end of each chapter are pages with java applets that generate homework problems and check your answers.

Title Page

  1. Data Representation and Computer Arithmetic
    1. Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers
    2. Binary and Hexadecimal Arithmetic
    3. Unsigned and Signed Integers
    4. Floating Point Arithmetic
    5. ASCII
    6. Practice with Base 2 and 16 Conversions
      Binary Addition and Substraction Problems
      Problems about Number Formats
      Practice with Floating Point Numbers
      ASCII Translation
  2. Logic and Set Theory
    1. Logical Operations and Truth Tables
    2. Properties of Logical Operators
    3. Arguments
    4. Boolean Algebra
    5. Logic Gates and Circuits
    6. Set Theory
    7. Practice with Truth Tables
      Deriving Sums of Products
      Venn Diagram Problems
  3. Graph Theory
    1. Graphs and Connectivity
    2. Trees
    3. Directed Graphs
    4. Finite State Machines
    5. Problems about Graphs and Trees
      Using Finite State Machines
  4. Computer Measurement
    1. The Use of Units
    2. Disk Geometry
    3. Speed, Throughput and Utilization
    4. Storage Requirements
    5. Introduction to Descriptive Statistics
    6. Computer Performance Modeling
      Practice Using Units
      Problems about Computer Performance
      Calculating Storage Requirements for Multimedia Applications
      Statistical Problems

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