Famous Birthdays in Computer Science

Here are some of the names I grew up with as I studied and worked in Computer Science. I've included a short blurb on each, but you should take some time to Google them; it will be worth your while.

Jan 10 1938Donald Knuthauthor of "The Art of Computer Programming" (first 3 volumes published in 1968, 1969 and 1973)
Jan 30 1925Douglas Engelbartinventor of the mouse
Feb 4 1943Ken Thompsondesigned Multics (1969) and Unix (1969, with Dennis Ritchie)
Feb 15 1934Niklaus Wirthdesigned Algol W (1966), Pascal (1970) and Modula (1975) programming languages
Feb 29 1860Herman Hollerithdesigned punched card tabulator (1889)
Mar 11 1915Joseph Lickliderwrote "Man-Computer Symbiosis" in 1960
Mar 16 1953Richard Stallmanstarted GNU (1983)
Apr 1 1932Norman Abramsondesigned first collison-based communication system (ALOHANET, 1969)
Apr 7 1946Robert Metcalfco-inventor of Ethernet, first operational in 1976
Apr 9 1919J. Presper Eckertwith John Mauchly, invented the first general purpose computer (ENIAC, in 1946)
Apr 10 1927Wesley A. Clarkco-inventor of the first minicomputer
Apr 19 1931Fred Brookslead developer of IBM System/360, author of "The Mythical Man-Month"
Apr 23 1941Ray TomlinsonWrote the first cross-host e-mail software in 1971.
Apr 28 1906Kurt Godelin 1931, published his Incompleteness Theorem which sets absolute limits on Computer Science
Apr 29 1926Paul Baranindependently developed packet-switched networking
Apr 30 1916Claude Shannonin 1948, published "Mathematical Theory of Communication" which started Information Theory
May 11 1930Edsger Dijkstradesigned THE multiprogramming system in 1965, developed structured programming methodology (published in 1972)
May 16, 1938Ivan Sutherlandinventor of the first GUI (Sketchpad, in 1963)
May 23 1908John Bardeenco-inventor of the transistor (with William Shockley and Walter Brattain)
Jun 7 1924Donald Daviesindependently developed packet-switched networking
Jun 8 1955Tim Berners-Leeinventor of the World Wide Web
Jun 13, 1934Leonard Kleinrockdeveloped theory of packet-switched networks (1962)
Jun 14 1903Alonzo Churchin 1936, published the lambda calculus which was the basis for the language LISP
Jun 19 1623Blaise Pascalinvented mechanical calculator (1642)
Jun 22 1910Konrad Zusedesigned Z3, the world's first Turing-complete computer (1941)
Jun 23 1912Alan Turingdeveloped concepts of Turing Machine and Turing Test (1936); was instrumental in breaking Germany's Enigma encryption during World War II
Jun 23 1943Vinton Cerfdesigned TCP/IP (1974, with Bob Kahn)
Aug 6 1943Jon Posteleditor of the RFC documents (began in 1969)
Aug 9 1925David Huffmandeveloper of Huffman encoding
Aug 9 1927Marvin Minskyinstrumental in starting field of artificial intelligence, in 1969 introduced neural networks
Aug 11 1950Stephen Wozniakinvented Apple I (1976) and Apple II (1977)
Aug 30 1907John Mauchlywith J. Presper Eckert, invented the first general purpose computer (ENIAC, in 1946)
Sep 4 1927John McCarthyinvented LISP in 1958
Sep 9 1941Dennis Ritchiedesigned C (1972) Unix (1969, with Ken Thompson)
Sep 28 1925Seymour Craydesigned the first supercomputer, released in 1976 as the Cray-1
Oct 15 1944Steve CrockerInventor of the RFC series and co-architect of ARPANET protocols
Dec 3 1924John Backuslead developer of FORTRAN (1957) and inventor of Backus-Naur form (1959)
Dec 7 1928Noam Chomskylinguist, introduced formal grammars (1950s)
Dec 9 1906Grace Hopperin 1952, Admiral Hopper wrote the first compiler (A-0) for the Univac I (version A-2 was open source), in 1959, was instrumental in the design of COBOL, and in 1947, coined the term "debug" when a moth was found in a relay in a Mark II computer
Dec 10 1815Ada Lovelaceborn to Lord Byron, in 1843, she published notes on her work with Charles Babbage which included the first computer program
Dec 12 1927Robert Noyceinvented integrated circuit (with Jack Kilby)
Dec 23 1938Robert Kahnco-designer of TCP/IP
Dec 26 1791Charles Babbagein 1822, he designed the difference engine, made to compute polynomials
Dec 28 1903John Von Neumannin 1945, his "First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC" was published, which described the stored-program computer
Dec 28 1969Linus Torvaldsdeveloper of Linux kernel (1991)

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