A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - dabblers

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Here I'm informally extending the usual usage of the term "dabbling duck" to include any bird that swims in the water and dips its head (or half of its body) into the water to feed.

American Black Duck

similar to Mallard, but darker and with greenish bill
American Wigeon

female (foreground, left) and male (white, green, gray head pattern)
Blue-winged Teal

female in flight

female (foreground) and male in breeding plumage (note white hip patches)

males in breeding plumage (note facial crescent and white hip patches)
Canada Goose

ubiquitous; distinguished from Cackling Goose by much longer bill
Domestic Muscovy

red wattle around bill distinctive; body color may vary considerably

female (left), male (right) in breeding plumage

male in breeding plumage (gold/silver on back, black behind, less mottling)

male in breeding plumage (white head stripe distinctive); rare
Green-winged Teal

female (top left) and 2 males in breeding plumage (rufous head with green stripe, breast buffy, white bar, gray belly, buffy streak near tail)

female (left), male in breeding plumage (green head, yellow bill, white neck ring, brown breast, pale body, black at rear with white tail)

males (middle), females (outside)

domestic variety (from interbreeding)
Mute Swan

orange bill unique
Northern Pintail

male in breeding plumage (unique)

Northern Shoveler

male in breeding plumage (bill, coloration unique)

female (bill distinctive)
Trumpeter Swan

juvenile (left) and adult; straight black bill, black lores
Tundra Swan

adult (left; yellow lores), juvenile (right)
Wood Duck

male (left), female (right) in breeding plumage (coloration in both distinctive)

male (facial pattern unique)

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