A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - divers

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I'm including with the diving ducks such birds as the Anhinga, cormorants, grebes and loons.

American Coot

unique bill

male in typical wing-drying pose, breeding plumage (head tufts)

female (buffy neck, tail edge)

male (black neck)
Black Scoter

females (head pattern, left) and 2 males (all black, yellow bill)

female (white oval below eye)

female (left) and male; note white head and wing patches

male, breeding plumage (white extends around back of head)

male in breeding plumage; darker head than Redhead, white body and less black on breast
Common Goldeneye

female in breeding plumage; brown head, black bill with yellow tip, gray body with white wing stripe; male is lighter (white in breeding plumage) with dark head and white oval between eye and dark bill
Common Loon

juvenile on left, adult in breeding plumage on right (black bill and head)
Double-crested Cormorant

juveniles (pale breast, dark belly)

swimming (note angle of head)

note shape and color of bill and face
Hooded Merganser

female (left), male in breeding plumage (crest lowered)

male in breeding plumage (black above, rufous below, white crest patch and neck, with two black stripes)
Horned Grebe

dark cap and back, white face and neck, lightly streaked sides, short bill

(incomplete) breeding plumage (rufous neck, breast and flanks, dark head with yellowish patch); thin bill
Lesser Scaup

male in breeding plumage (front); white patch restricted to flank (compare Ring-necked Duck), peak at back of head, blue bill
Pied-billed Grebe

breeding plumage (black throat, black band on white bill)

brown below, gray above, brownish head, thick bill, dark eye
Red-breasted Merganser

gray body, broad orange-brown cap with ragged crest, thin orange bill, pale patch on throat

male, female (behind) in breeding plumage (bright rufous head, gold eye, blue bill with black tip, black neck, breast and rear, gray back and flanks)
Ring-necked Duck

male (black with white whale on side) and female (dark cap, white eye-ring, white ring at base of bill, dark back, brownish flanks with darker breast) in breeding plumage
Ruddy Duck

male (dark cap, white cheeks, pale gray bill, gray body, darker above)

note raised tails
Surf Scoter

female (knobby bill with pale tip and white patch at base, white spot below and behind eye, otherwise black head and neck with brownish body)
Western Grebe

dark body and nape, white throat and neck, yellow/olive bill, black around eye

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