A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - field birds

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These are birds that are usually found in meadows or open fields.


male (showing face)

male (plumage pattern unique)
Eastern Meadowlark

breeding plumage (strongly striped head, black V on breast with partial necklace); yellow belly
Red-winged Blackbird

unusually dark female

female (buffy facial features, heavily streaked front; sparrowlike but larger)

female; throat is often orange or pink

male (all black except red and yellow patches on wings); ubiquitous, often seen near roads; call is an electronic woo-woo-heeee
Sandhill Crane

molting from summer to winter plumage

winter plumage (all gray, except some brown on wings)

summer plumage (brown on back and wings); note red crown, white cheek, dark bill; can be very noisy
Whooping Crane

white body, red malars, gray bill with pink at base, shadow at back of head (compare Sandhill, foreground); endangered specie
Yellow-headed Blackbird

male (above), female (below); distinctive coloration

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