A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - Flycatchers

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Flycatchers, not surprisingly, catch insects while on the wing. They come in (roughly) two types based on size and general appearance. Their call is sort of scissory.

Eastern Kingbird

contrasting dark above, white below, white tip of tail
Eastern Phoebe

white throat, dark head, back and belly, faint wing stripes; smaller than Eastern Kingbird

juvenile (yellowish belly)
Great Crested Flycatcher

note crest not as prominent, vertical wing striping

note crest; gray face and breast, olive-brown above, extensive yellow below
Olive-sided Flycatcher

dark above, light throat and belly, smudgy dark flanks
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

greenish above, yellowish below, dark wings with strong white wing bars, complete eye-ring; summers in and near Canada (taken June, northern MN); voice similar to Wood-Pewees

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