A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - medium-size birds

Note: clicking on a picture will load a (usually) larger image.

Somewhat arbitrarily, I have chosen to use the word medium for birds whose tip-to-tip measurements are between about six inches and one foot.

American Robin

ubiquitous; song rhythm is usually on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand
Baltimore Oriole

pale female (dark smudges around head)

male (black head, orange body); call is flute-like, repetitive
Blue Grosbeak

male (dark blue except rufous wing bars, heavy bill)
Blue Jay

ubiquitous and noisy
Brown-headed Cowbird

male (left) and female; call sounds electronic

female (note whitish throat)
Brown Thrasher

rufous back, buffy under with thin dark streaks
Cedar Waxwing

more brownish than Bohemian Waxwing, with yellow underbelly, whitish undertail and yellow tip of tail
Clarks Nutcracker

grayish body, black wings with small white patches, white tail, thick dark bill and dark legs
Common Grackle

heavy bill, purple head, dark body; larger than Brewers Blackbird (short, thin bill); call is harsh
European Starling

ubiquitous, often seen in large flocks

breeding plumage
Florida Scrub Jay

pale forehead and back, blue cheeks, faint streaking under; no crest, longish tail; threatened specie
Gray Catbird

dark cap on plain gray bird, otherwise similar to (but smaller than) Northern Mockingbird
Gray Jay

short bill and head pattern distinctive
Hermit Thrush

faint belly spotting, rufous tail and complete eye-ring
Loggerhead Shrike

gray back, white front, broad black mask, black wing tops with white patch
Northern Cardinal

female; brown, pale belly, triangular orange bill

male; bright red with black mask, red bill; song is repetitive variations on su-we-et-su-we-et-su-we-et-cheer-cheer-cheer or pur-ty-pur-ty-pur-ty

female with crest raised
Northern Mockingbird

pale gray-brown above, whitish below, long tail, thin eye line and wing bars; flashes white in flight; very vocal, imitative, repetitive
Orchard Oriole

female; most common yellow bird of its size and bill shape east of the Rockies
Rose-breasted Grosbeak

male (black above with white rump and wide wing bars, white below with large rose breast shield, pale bill)

male; front view

male molting into breeding plummage

female (similar to large finch with large pale bill)

female; note head striping and breast pattern
Stellers Jay

coloration distinctive

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