A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - plunge-divers

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This group include a variety of often otherwise unrelated birds that dive into the water from flight in order to catch fish.

Belted Kingfisher

male (dark color, white breast and belly)

(often appears more gray)

female (orange breast band and sides)
Brown Pelican

unique (pouch red and neck mostly brown in breeding plumage)

often gliding flight
Caspian Tern

red bill with dark tip, black cap and legs
Common Tern

white forehead, back of head and bill black, orange legs

breeding plumage (orange bill, dark tip and black cap); orange legs
Forsters Tern

dark mask unique, black bill, orange legs
Northern Gannet

large with massive bill, white with black wing tips
Royal Tern

often seen all lined up in the same direction

black band behind eyes (around back of head), heavy, long orange bill, black legs

breeding plumage (broad black cap)
Sandwich Tern

compare Royal; black bill with pale tip

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