A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - shorebirds

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American Oystercatcher

Black-bellied Plover

compare size to dunlin (left)

juvenile (lightly streaked breast, white belly, facial pattern, heavy bill)

faint breast streaking, white below

male, breeding plumage distinct (light cap, white under tail)
Black-necked Stilt

long red legs, plumage unique

stocky, long drooping bill, brownish above, white below; often feed in groups

breeding plumage (black belly patch distinctive)
Greater Yellowlegs

bill slightly upturned, eye line less pronounced than Lesser

double breast band distinctive; call is self-echoing
Least Sandpiper

small; sightly downturned bill about the same length as head, greenish legs, white belly and brownish streaking on breast
Lesser Yellowlegs

(proportionately) long legs, straight bill just a little longer than head, minimal flank barring
Marbled Godwit

long orange bill, slightly upturned, buffy breast, dark legs

in flight, brown and orange wing tops, cinnamon underwings
Ruddy Turnstone

short, sharp bill, short orange legs, elaborate face and breast pattern distinctive

pale above, white below, with dark legs and medium dark bill

female in breeding plumage (brown cast to back and breast streaking); note tail-up feeding posture

male in breeding plumage (rufous on head and breast)

Sanderlings are often seen chasing the edges of waves in search of food
Semipalmated Plover

breeding plumage (orange bill with black tip); smaller than Kildeer, with one breast band, and yellowish legs
Semipalmated Sandpiper

shorter, straighter bill than Least, faint breast streaking, white belly, dark legs; here shown in breeding plumage (rufous head and back tint)
Solitary Sandpiper

green legs, white belly, white eye-ring
Spotted Sandpiper

breeding plumage (neck, breast and belly heavily spotted)

plain brownish back and white belly, unmarked partial breast band, faint eye line and white eye-ring, yellowish legs

breeding plumage (barring on back, breast and flanks)

gray except for white belly and dark bill tip; compare Yellowlegs
Wilsons Phalarope

male in breeding plumage (dark back, black side stripe from bill to back)
Wilsons Snipe

striped back and head, barred flanks, orange tail

note bill length and white belly; American Woodcock has plain orange/buff breast and belly

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