A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - Sparrows

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Many sparrows can be seen at feeders, though they are by nature mostly ground foragers. They are small, and typically have thick bills (good for cracking seeds open).

American Tree Sparrow

bicolored bill, white wing bars, rufous crown, eyeline and sides, chest spot but litte or no streaking
Chipping Sparrow

plain gray breast and belly, brown above with white wing bars, rufous crown, white supercilium, black line through eye, pinkish bill and legs, white throat; call is an electronic trill
Field Sparrow

brown above, gray head and plain gray front, rufous crown, pink bill, thin white wing bars and eye-ring; song sounds like a ball bouncing down to rest
Fox Sparrow

streaked rufous and gray above, streaked rufous and white below, thin but distinct wing bars
Lincolns Sparrow

similar to Song Sparrow but sharply streaked, with buffy malars, fine streaking at throat
Savannah Sparrow

rufous back, sharply streaked, white malars, pale crown
Song Sparrow

note head and back pattern

triangular throat stripes, breast streaks ending at central spot; song begins (melodically) similar to Beethovens Fifth
Swamp Sparrow

rufous-brown back, faint streaks on gray breast, white throat, thin dark malar borders, dark eye line widening at back, olivey auriculars
White-crowned Sparrow

plain gray breast, black and white head pattern distinctive, pink/orange bill

brown stripes on crown, through eye, white wing bars, gray breast
White-throated Sparrow

juvenile (buffy supercilium)

dark, streaked rufous back, plain white below with very faint breast marking, white throat, crown and supercilium, yellow lores, gray bill

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