A Scrapbook of Bird Identifications - Warblers

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Warblers are small birds with thin bills for catching and eating small insects. In the fall, many of them look alike, giving rise to the expression "confusing fall warblers". In spring, they can be absolutely gorgeous. Many have distinctive songs.

American Redstart

female (yellow sides & base of tail, white belly, narrow eye-arcs)

male (unique pattern of black & orange)

female (yellow sides & base of tail)
Black And White Warbler

male (strong streaking); tree-climber

female (light throat and chest)
Black-throated Blue Warbler

male (black throat, side stripe, white belly and wing patch)
Common Yellowthroat

male, showing yellow throat and breast

male; head pattern (brown-white-black-yellow) distinctive
Connecticut Warbler

short tail, yellow below, gray head, greenish above, white eye-ring, pink legs
Northern Parula

male (black and rufous breast bands); blue-gray above, yellow throat, white belly, eye-arcs and wing bars; song is a rising buzz with a rhythmic ending ending
Palm Warbler

rufous crown, lightly streaked breast, brown above, yellow below, yellow supercilium, dark line through eye
Pine Warbler

pale neck, dark cheeks, faint breast streaks, overall yellowish with gray-brown wings, white wing bars and undertail
Prairie Warbler

gray head, yellow-brown back, yellowish wing bars, yellow below with black flank streaks reaching almost to neck, white eye-arcs with dark semicircle under eye, faint dark line through eye
Yellow-rumped Warbler

yellow rump, yellow at sides, brownish above, whitish and streaked below; most commonly seen warbler
Yellow-throated Warbler

yellow throat and breast, white belly, streaked flanks, white wing bars; head pattern distinctive
Yellow Warbler

male (bright yellow with reddish breast and flank streaking; wings and tail greenish); song is tsi-tsi-tsi-woo-woo-woo-woo-weet

female (plain yellow overall except for some black and white on wings)

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