Notes for Linux System Administration

You probably want to take a look at (that means try out) a special Linux distribution, based on Linux from Scratch, which was designed specifically to go along with the notes. You can dowload ISO images of the various versions (the most recent is 140804) from here.

Throughout, information that you will enter during startup, at the command line or in edits, are in red. Technical terms which you should know are in bold (although sometimes bold is used for other reasons as well).

The Notes

  1. System Startup and Operation
  2. Disk Partitioning and Filesystem Installation
  3. Filesystem and Device Manipulation
  4. Process and Log Analysis
  5. Startup Scripts and Configuration Files
  6. User/Group Security and Permissions
  7. Print Spooling, File Formats and Media Access
  8. Backup
  9. Scheduling Maintenance Functions
  10. Firewalls, Security and Privacy
  11. DNS Service: Concepts and Client Resolver
  12. DNS Service: Configuration
  13. File and Print Service: Concepts and Operation
  14. File and Print Service: Configuration and Cross-Platform Issues

Supplemental Notes (refer to an older distro version)


These and many more are hosted at, and at the Linux Documentation Project.

In addition, the following links may be useful:

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